Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Date

So I went on my first date a couple weekends ago. Can I just say... I'm diggin this whole bein 16 and datable thing!! :) Anywho, I went with Tyson Raff (my date), Brad and Caitlyn. We went to AppleBees for lunch, which by the way was yummy! Hot, but yummy! Then we went bowling. All you need to know there is that I failed. Horribly. After bowling we drove over to Trafalga and did lazer tag and miniture golfing! I did okay at those haha We also got dippin dots. Word of advice, don't eat a lot of them because they make your tongue hurt. Oh, and don't go home and answer "how was your first date?!" with "oh, my tongue hurts!!" hahaha That doesn't go down very well haha :) So over all it was a really good first date!!

Lazer Tag

Bowling Scores


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  1. wow you did suck at bowling :) haha love you sis!